Our Services

Are you ready to make your money work for you, but aren’t sure where to start? Let the professionals at Richwood Financial help.

Our first step, as always, is to get to know you and your goals. How much money are you looking to invest? How much time are you planning to give your investment? Do you need to stay with low-risk investments, or are you willing to take on a little more risk for the chance of more return? Every client’s situation is unique, so every client deserves an investment plan tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

For each situation, we develop an approach that we believe will maximize your return based on the amount of risk you’re willing to take, the amount of time you’re willing to wait, and the amount of money you’re willing to invest.

What we require from our clients is simply clear communication. The more we understand your objectives, the more we can help you achieve those objectives.

One of the major aspects of your financial future is estate planning: your decisions as to where your money and property go upon death. At Richwood Financial, we want to make sure that you are in control of what happens to your property. Our goal is to help you make a plan that is clear and organized so that your wishes are carried out as fully as possible.

A LPL Financial advisor will get to know you and learn your decisions about the recipient(s) of your property, the transfer of your business, a guardian for minor children, and other considerations. We also guide you in making decisions that seek to minimize the taxes and legal fees accompanied by the transfer of your estate. If you plan to make charitable donations with your estate, we can help you with that, too.

Depending on the financial decisions you make, you may be paying a lot more in taxes than what is necessary. Everything from charitable gifts and your income to your retirement and investment strategy has tax implications, with some options charging you a higher tax rate than others. Richwood Financial wants to help you keep more of your money in your own hands, and less of it in tax payments. Although many of your financial decisions shouldn’t be made solely on the basis of tax implications, it’s important to know your options and know how each decision can affect your taxes.

There is no simple answer that we can offer to clients who want to know when they can retire. Answering this question requires first that we get to know you. How are you planning to spend your retirement? How much money have you saved/invested so far? We also talk you through other considerations, such as rising inflation, the potential need for long-term care, and your life expectancy. Partner with us, and we can help you plan for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Once you do finally enter retirement, we’ll help to make sure you’re on course with your money to be able to address your goals for the rest of your retirement years.

Many individuals choose an insurance plan and then do not regularly reevaluate their coverage with respect to their needs. At Richwood Financial, we can evaluate the insurance that you’ve already purchased, and we can give a professional recommendation as to:

-If you have enough insurance coverage.

-If you need more insurance coverage.

-If you’re paying a fair price for the coverage that you have.

Even with minor changes in your life, your insurance needs can change, so let Richwood Financial help you to make the most effective decisions possible when considering your need to be insured.

If your child is anywhere from a day old to 18 years old, there are steps you can take to prepare him or her for the college road ahead. Richwood Financial offers advice for what may be one of the biggest expenses you’ll have to face: the cost of higher education.

We’ll guide you through:

  • How to be saving for college
  • Best avenues of investment
  • 529 investment plans
  • Government Financial Aid

No matter what stage of life your child is in, you can start preparing them right now for the reality of higher education.

If you’re an employer, perhaps one of your goals is to have a retirement plan to assist your employees in saving for their retirement. It is our aim to help you create a retirement plan that fits your goals, helps your employees, and is the least amount of effort for you to maintain. We’ll discuss what benefits you want to offer employees, the eligibility requirements that you want to implement, and all the details necessary for setting up your retirement plan.

Additionally, once you’ve constructed your plan, we’d like to help you keep your employees educated about it. We’ll partner with you to offer one-on-one or group meetings for your employees to discuss financial planning, retirement planning options, and other considerations regarding the retirement plan you’re implementing.

As an employer, you have the responsibility of making sure that your retirement plan meets the ever-changing federal requirements. We would like to help you with that. We offer our services to monitor your retirement plan and ensure its ERISA compliance. We’ll keep track of your fees, your requirements, and all the rest to make sure you’re meeting the standards of federal law and also meeting your own personal objectives as an employer.